OPEN DIALOGUE to Research & Play: what is the Creative?

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2017-07-18 All day

This event is for members and non-members. If you want to know the details of the place and time, RSVP us in the form below, and we’ll reply as soon as we can. 

1- Creative Expression: Bring your creative tools, such as a pen/pencil and notebook/paper.

2- Dialogue: What is the Creative? Where does creativity come from? What is your creative process? Bring your own perspective in this broad subject.

The facilitator will begin the discussion from the perspective of Dr. James H. Austin, who wrote Chase, Chance, and Creativity and Zen and the Brain, to answer these questions:

Some initial ideas: Art as a metaphor to what the brain experiences. As poets and artists, we try to express the inexpressible. We do that through the perception of the most evident, but invisible due to our distractednesss of ‘what is’. Therefore, how can we perceive more of ‘what is’ and create with it new meaning and understandings of the world? Is creativity a product of brain capacity? Can creativity be trained and enhanced?

3. Creative Expression: about the creative state of ‘flow’:

4. The Canada Connection: Informed by Blackfoot’s Ways of Knowing, everything is flux and change as process, let’s ask ourselves: Does creativity come from nothing or is it built upon a fluid and flexible mesh of flowing meaning? Is there a boundary between what I create and what I am?

David Peat lived in Canada for approximately 10 years. Leroy Little Bear, a Blackfoot Elder who has written books about Canadian indigenous self-determination,  prefaced David Bohm’s book: On Creativity. David Bohm and David Peat dialogued and contributed to each others’ work in: Science, Order, and Creativity.

5. Creative Expression