RESEARCH: What is an Embodied Poem?

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Research: Poetry as an embodied experience. We will research the concept of the Embodied Cognition as a way to embrace the possiblity of dance and performance as poetry. Those members interested in theatre, performance poetry such as spoken word, and improvisionational dance will be interested in this event. Bring your own knowledge. We will share it. Bring ideas for exercises too, let’s try them too.

1 – Creative Expression

2- Dialogue: Why could we call improvisational dance or poet’s theatre, a form of poetry?

3 – We’ll play with rhythm, sound, beat, and body movement: The Body Rhyme.

4 – Dialogue: Did playing with sound and movement resonate as reciting a rhyming poem?

5 – Creative Expression

These are not required readings, but an idea of the general concepts will help us to have an interesting dialogue.

What is Embodied Cognition?

What is Poet’s Theatre?

What is Improvisational Dance?

Canadian Connection: What is Dalcroze Eurhythmics?